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My New Favorite Shoes in B&W

So there's a big family party coming up. And of course, crazy family that we are, we're all in a tizzy.

My biggest concern: What shall I wear?

I have these shoes. I got them at Target for seven bucks.

I've worn them once.

But they're really cute and would look swell with the outfits I have in mind.

They're high corky platformy heels with black patenty leathery criss cross peep-toe action.

I figured since I'll be on my feet a lot, I'd better break them in. Especially since I'm not used to heels anymore. I pretty much live in flip-flops, now. So I wore them to work today and towered over everyone.

The shoes aren't as uncomfortable as I thought they would be. I walked around more than normal and didn't really have any trouble. But I'm just not sure they'd be great dancing shoes.

As I drove home, I thought about the shoes. They'd look so cute! I could do it! Right! I could wear these heels without falling over, right?


Well, at least I knew what shoes I would be wearing!

I made my way home and started across the street to my building. I had to wait for a car to pass and noticed a girl by her car in the parking lot.

I made my way through the lot and suddenly one of my feet just stopped. "Oh!" I said as I started the long long descent down to the ground.

I tried to stop myself by putting out my other foot and it just kinda flopped on the big heel.

So WHAM! Down onto my knee and then my hands. I fell hard. I'm pretty sure I caused an earthquake.

I started laughing, knowing I had an audience. Yet the girl in the parking lot went about her business. She didn't ask if I was okay. She didn't even look at me.

Maybe she didn't see it.

More likely, she's just a jackass!

She'd fit right in with my family!

Which reminds me . . . now I really don't know what to wear!

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