One More Day to Complete My Service


Three months until my birthday!

Man, am I getting old. And as I've already told you, I'm worried about how I'll survive when I'm old. I got my Social Security statement the other day, and I'm not feeling any better.

If I retire at age sixty-two, I'll receive $728 per month. Per month!!!

If I wait to quit working until I'm seventy, I'll get $1,284 per month. So, only forty more years of work before I can take it easy and live rich!

Of course, this is all what they're estimating. There's actually a note that says "The law governing benefit amounts may change because, by 2041, the payroll taxes collected will be enough to pay only about 75 percent of scheduled benefits."

Well, at least they're giving us advanced warning that we're screwed!

I don't even feel old enough to be worrying about stuff like this. But this is when you have to worry! If I wait too long, I'm going to end up retiring to the streets!

I was talking to Grandmere the other day. "I don't feel like I'm almost twenty-nine!"

She understood my situation. "I don't feel like I'm almost forty-nine!"

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