Shaky Rockin' Dance


I hope you all had a good Fourth and still have all your fingers.

I spent my day with Raw and her family at East Lake. Except I wasn't really at the lake. I was in an air-conditioned building for most of the day.

Sophia provided a lot of the entertainment, of course. Poor thing. We had her up on the table and every five seconds, someone would tell her to shake her booty.

She's only sixteen months old and she's already table dancing.

We let the kids beat the crap out of a pinata for a while. Sophia went to get candy and then started giving it away. Raw put a stop to that right away.

Not that she doesn't want the girls to learn how to share. It's just that Sophia had like one piece of candy to every other kids' fifteen. Plus, c'mon . . . it's candy! Who wants to share that?

Sophia sat on the table eating the Nerds she had scored. She wasn't paying very good attention, so most of the tiny candies were falling all over her and the table.

Don't worry. The candy didn't go to waste. Raw sat there and picked up each piece right after it fell. None got by her!

When Sophia decided she was done, her fingers were coated with slobbery half-dissolved Nerds. She labored to shake them off her hand and onto the table.

I watched Raw looking at the candies. "Oh man," I thought. "Surely she won't eat that sticky candy!"

I held my breath as she zeroed in on it. She picked up a piece. With no hesitation, she put it in her mouth and ate it!

It was equally horrifying and hilarious.

As we packed up the van to head back, I noticed a poor SweeTart lying in the dirt. Somehow it had escaped the pinata and its packaging.

"Hey Raw! It looks like the kids missed one!"

Apparently, Raw does have a line she won't cross.

But she did look longingly at it!

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