You're the Hardest Little Button


On the seventh, I watched quite a bit of the Live Earth hoopla.

Say what you will about how bad it was for the Earth to haul everyone all around . . . there was still some kind of awareness raised.

And I got to see The Police.

I do think that since over half the crowd hadn't even been born yet when the band broke up, they probably should have stuck with the better-known hits. There were a couple of songs where some of the crowd was standing there, yawning and texting other people.

They could've been like their pal Kanye and had a whole medley of everyone's favorites. Dude did quite a job in the heat with his long sleeves. But it doesn't compare to my favorite Kanye performance:

I know that musicians, and especially those who rap, historically have big egos. I've always liked Ludacris, but thought he was taking the ego a little too far that day during an interview.

He was asked about what he has learned since getting involved with Live Earth. He said something about having learned a lot and then said "I'm just out here lending my celebrity to the cause."

It didn't quite seem he had answered the question. But at least we know how generous he's being!

The interviewer went on to ask him another question. He ended his response with "I'm here lending my celebrity."

Um. Yeah. Got it.

And Richie, I'm glad you're all sober and stuff. But could you please button your shirt!

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