Bounce it to the Gang

I Am Sharing Friends

It's starting!

Raw came over to hang out with Jacque and me last night. Look at how happy they are to be together.

I'm trying to be a big girl about it. I even left them alone while I went to pick up dinner. I know. Already, I'm just the errand girl

Sophia and Evan even got along. Last time, they did some arguing and Sophia did some punching.

Of course, there was a little bit of all that this time around. But these days, when Sophia gets mad, she punches something inanimate. Like the cabinet. Or the floor. Or the ball. Or whatever happens to be around.

Evan thought it was funny and would start hitting whatever she was trying to destroy.. So she ended up forgetting she was ma. It ended up with the two of them just banging on stuff and laughing hysterically. Which was just as noisy as the fighting, but less scary.

If things continue like this, I might have a good porch story for Poop Week!

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