Dies Irae, Dies Illa

Woo Woo Sophie!  Grandpa!

While I was at home last weekend, I was craving some hash browns.

Saturday night, I told my mom and dad I wanted some for breakfast on Sunday. When I woke up, there were none waiting for me.

"I can go to Sonic to get you some," my mom offered.

I'm sorry but tater tots and hash browns just aren't the same! She just wanted an excuse to get another vanilla Coke.

I stayed until Monday morning. When my dad was trying to get me out of bed, i told him I didn't smell hash browns.

"You're not close enough to the kitchen."

Seems like it was just a ploy to get me up. There was nothing cooking.

Yesterday, I spent some time with Raw and the girls. Her mom made me has browns. I didn't even have to ask for them!

Sophia wasn't as interested in the hash browns as she was in the Pringles. Grandpa Tom was feeding her a chip and said "Body of Christ."

And then I ran because I was pretty sure God was going to smite him.

"Ah. He doesn't have time to punish me for a tiny joke!"

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