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This weekend, I hung out with the boys. There were about one hundred gaming systems going at once.

Bret was playing Gears of War and ended up getting killed by his own teammate. I laughed because it reminded me of myself.

No . . . not getting killed by my own teammates . . . I was the murderer.

I'm pretty much a nerd. You all know that, right?

I like to play computer games. Sometimes I really get into them and obsess (see: UO.

Oh man it really feels good to get this out in the open!

For awhile, I played quite a bit of AvP. Most of the time, I played with my pal, John Doe.

Even though I'm a nerd, I'm not very good. So I don't really like playing player vs player. I'm always begging everyone to play in cooperative modes.

One night, John Doe and I were playing as a team of humans against a swarm of aliens. We were standing our ground in a spot where we could just take the aliens out as they emerged from a tunnel.

Sometimes it took quite awhile for the aliens to regenerate. I'm pretty annoying, so I was running to and fro, just to pass the time.

I quit running around and stood my guy right next to John Doe's. I faced him and then shot a grenade into his face!

A grenade launcher at point blank range! In his face! Oh the joy! The weird, nerdy, perverse pleasure!

I know it doesn't seem funny to most of you. Or probably any of you. But I'm the kind of girl that laughs for twenty minutes at a guy singing "Hot Pockets!"

I laughed a lot at the explosion.

John Doe didn't. He didn't find it funny at all. In fact, he got kinda angry about it.

It's not like it hurt him. He got to just come back alive and wreak more havoc. But even letting him shoot me in the face (numerous times) didn't brighten his mood.

To this day, he still brings it up. You'd think I had shot him in his real face! like anyone would really give me access to a grenade launcher!

For awhile, I denied the event ever took place. I was hoping eventually he would think he had imagined it.

But on this special day, I would like to offer my sincere, most humble and very public apology.

I've learned my lesson. I promise to never shoot you in the face with a grenade launcher again.

But I can't promise I won't laugh if it happens on accident!

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