I Pray for the Sunshine


My mom was complaining about her foot all last week.

"What is this? It won't go away!"

She had this weird little circle of redness that started getting all blistery.

So of course, I decided to be Dr. Bee and try to diagnose her.

I hit up WebMD and started going through the diagnosis checklist. When it asked about a history of chicken pox, I asked my mom if she thought maybe it was shingles.

My grandmother had shingles a few years ago. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have thought of it. But my mom was certain it was something else.

"No! The rash would be on my back or stomach!"

I was stumped.

When my dad called Sunday, he was telling me about how mom had been complaining about her back hurting all weekend.

"IT'S SHINGLES!" I cried and then made my mom get on the phone. "Are you sure it's not shingles?"

She was sure and I told her I'd call her the next day to see how her doctor's appointment turned out.

When I called, my mom sounded in better spirits. "Did the doctor know what it was."



"He thinks it's shingles."

I almost jumped up and down. "I TOLD YOU S--"

"Yes! I know! I already told mom that you'd be overjoyed that you were right!"

I was.

My brother, meanwhile, had been sick with some other mysterious virus all last week. After my mom told me about her shingles, she mentioned that Marcus had a rash, also. We figured it was probably from his high fever.

Tonight, though, my mom has diagnosed it differently. She's sure he has shingles, too.

Okay, folks. Shingles is not supposed to be contagious. How absolutely bizarre is it that they could both have a shingles outbreak at the same time?

So now I'm freaking out that it's something else and that I'm going to get it, too. Especially since T-Biscuit is sick with whatever Marcus had last week.

You're all quarantined! Stay away from me!

Is it getting itchy in here? What's this red stuff on my face . . .

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