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I try not to just hop on the bandwagon when all of the internet seems to be bashing someone. Okay sometimes I do. But sometimes I just can't help it

Like when Elisabeth Hasselbeck decides to spew stupidity from her mouth.

I watched a couple of Survivor episodes when she was competing. She seemed nice.

I watched when she first joined The View. She seemed nice. Kinda boring, but nice enough.

Then, she decided she wants her own show on Fox News. I haven't said anything because she just seems silly and really, I only watch the show now and then. So when I hear of her mouth running again,it's usually because someone is making fun of her.

I believe in free speech and all, but at some point you know when someone is just being an ass and saying something stupid to provoke people.

I was in the john this morning, getting ready for work. The View was on in the bedroom and I heard someone bring up Hillary and her idea to give every baby born in the U.S. a $5,000 savings bond.

Elisabeth, of course, thinks this is a bad idea, because even if a parent rich or poor, their child still receives the bond. When someone brings up that Social Security is the same, everyone receives benefits. But there's no swaying Elisabeth, who sees Clinton's idea as a gift.

The thing is, this is just something Clinton's throwing out there. It's not a fully fleshed-out idea. With it being a bond, there will be limitations on when you can cash out the funds. The idea isn't to give money to the parents to help them raise the baby. It's to give the kid something to start out their adult life. But in her heart, she is against giving kids a boost.

But just because she's a jackass doesn't mean she's not trying to stay positive.

"But then I realized that there is a benefit because I feel like this is maybe um . . . cause less abortions in the world. You know, people would keep having kids instead. They get the five thousand dollars . . ."

Oh no I was wrong. She's still just being a jackass.

I really couldn't believe I had heard that. I have no idea how she got from point A to point B.

You know, I'm pretty stubborn about my political beliefs, too. But I hope, and please tell me if you know me to be otherwise, I'm not so blind as to not see the flaws to my fellow liberals. I hope that I'm smarter than to open my mouth and let obvious bullshit fly out. I like to think I actually try to understand where "the other side" is coming from. I listen.

And this is where Elisabeth really gets me cranky. She never listens

I could see why it would have been hard to listen when Rosie O'Donnell was the moderator of the show because Rosie is a bit the same way and just kind of wants to beat her ideals into a person. But Whoopi Goldberg seems to be much calmer in stating her stance.

After even Barbara Walters nearly choked on Elisabeth's idiocy, Whoopi very calmly asked Elisabeth to back off. Elisabeth has never been in a situation where she has even had to consider abortion.

"Most women do not have them with some sort of party going on. It is the hardest decision that a woman ever has to make. So, when you talk about it, a little bit of reverence to the women out there who have had to make this horrible decision."

Please note, Whoopi stated "most women." She's acknowledging the fact that there may be women who don't have a hard time with the decision.

But Elisabeth can't take the time to listen to others when she has some media coverage to attract, just starts yelling about how you can't tell her women out there don't have abortions for "superficial" reasons.

Sigh. This is why I find it hard to talk to people about politics. Those who oppose me never listen.

Of course, they're probably thinking "Here she goes again. Rambling on. I hope she doesn't start going on and on about spiders again . . ."


Watch the video! I'm not making it up!

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