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Cranberry Apple Crisp

I decided I wanted to make meatloaf today. So last night, I stopped by the store to buy hamburger.

On my way in, I was talking to Jacque on my phone. And still, some creepy kid decided to come talk to me.

There's something about the boys who work at Dillons. They always talk to me.

I didn't even realize he was talking to me because not only was I on the phone, but I had my back to him because I was getting a cart. But when I turned around I saw his lips moving three inches from my face.

I finally made my way back to the meat section and was faced with the dilemma on what to buy. I don't buy hamburger often. But I don't remember it being so difficult.

There's so many different varieties, now. There's several different percentages of "lean." There's chuck or maybe you really want ground sirloin. How about organic or even turkey?

A product of my parents, I pick up the cheapest pound. But then I checked out the label and was pretty freaked out.

"With Natural Flavors."

Um. So does that mean it's natural because it's meat? Or does that mean I'm buying mystery meat?

I'm weirded out enough that I end up buying the organic which ends up costing me about two more bucks. But I just knew my meatloaf was going to be awesome!

I was purchasing my stuff at the self-checkout when my new best friend planted himself right beside me. He started telling me all about how he doesn't like the magazines by the checkout. "It's yellow journalism!"

Think Milhouse. But as a teenager. And without the blue hair.

I was nice but tried to move fast. I laughed one more fake laugh and said goodbye and shot out of there.

Today, I went into the kitchen to start my marvelous meatloaf. I opened the fridge and . . . "Hmm. Where's the meat?"

That's right. I took ten minutes to decide on a stupid one pound package of meat only to leave it at the store.

So I made cranberry apple crisp instead. Much healthier.

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