It's Always more Fun


Last night, I went trick-or-treating for the first time in probably fifteen years.

Sophia was pretty on when it came to the candy. She was really good and holding that bag open.

Some of the other stuff freaked her out, though. Particularly the coffin that had a creepy skeleton in it. It took her a few minutes to get over that one.

She didn't quite get the door-to-door stuff so well. She'd take the candy and then try to push her way into everyone's homes.

When we got back home, everyone was trying to steal her candy. And while she didn't want to share, she was really enjoying flaunting the fact that she had candy and nobody else did.

Anytime someone even moved to touch her bag, she'd holler and dash away. Of course, wherever she went, there was someone else to try to steal her precious precious candy.

Toward the end of the night, the living room cleared out a bit and Sophia sat on the couch with me. She would dig in her bag, bring out a piece of candy and ask her favorite question "What's that?"

Then it was pajama time, so she put her bag in her sight but far from anyone else in the room. When she went back to get it, Mary asked "Can Grandma have some candy?"


"Can Mommy have some candy?"

" . . . No!"

"Can Aunt Bee have some candy?"

"Aunt Bee?"

We were all surprised and waited for her to say no. And then she came over and gave me a sucker.

None of us could believe it. Raw and Mary were cranky.

It didn't help that Sophia then proceeded to give me every piece of candy in her bag.

"I drove the van! I held your hand while you trick-or-treated!"

"I stayed at home with the baby so you could go trick-or-treating!"

Of course I wasn't going to keep her candy. Just knowing I'm awesome enough that she'd want to share was enough for me. Sweet victory!

Well, sweet victory and then the couple of pieces I snuck into my pocket as we were putting the candy back into the bag.

Okay it was three pieces!

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