No Need to Ask


Sunday, I was having dinner with everyone over at BJ's. BJ was complaining about having to pay some doctor bill.

"Move to Canada," Mitch suggested.

I had another idea. "Or vote for Hillary."

Both of the boys groaned.

"I'll never vote for her!" Mitch declared.

"If she wins the election, I'm moving!" Bret was really worked up.

I had never seen the boys so passionate about anything that didn't involve games. I was curious to see what had made them so set against having Clinton in the White House. "Why do you feel that way?"

Mitch answered. "She hates games."

Bret expanded. "She's already tried to ban them. If she becomes president, God knows what she'll do!

I should have known. It's always about the games!

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Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough, this was also the dealbreaker for me with Hillary. I'm pretty sure that all dedicated video gamers know about her desire to ban certain games and aren't a big fan of hers because of that. She's not going to get much support from that crowd.

Joe Lieberman used to claim this dubious honor, but Hillary has stepped up to take his place in recent years.