And It's Only You, Who Can Turn My Wooden Heart


Jacob was in town doing his Christmas shopping today and called me up to see if I was free for dinner.

We met up at The Anchor. We ordered a couple of drinks, a couple of sandwiches and started chatting.

The Anchor, though it has good food and is a cool place to just hang out, is still a bar. And like most bars, it's a pretty noisy place. I'm pretty deaf and apparently Jacob is, too. Plus, we're getting pretty old. We did have to repeat ourselves now and then.

And yet somehow, I was able to stop Jacob in the middle of his sentence to tell him they were playing Radiohead. I know, it was rude, but how often do you hear Radiohead at a bar?

"I'm sorry! I love Radiohead!"

Jacob understood. He and I then discussed the new album.

I had to interrupt again. Now someone was playing Portishead!

I really fell in love with these two bands my first year in Lawrence. Their CDs are two of a few of my CDs that I pretty much wore out that year. Turns out leaving a CD on repeat isn't the greatest treatment for CDs.

Hearing both of these bands right in a row was awesome. I'm pretty sure hearing Tool would have blown my mind.

Embarrassingly enough, I'm pretty sure hearing Chumbawamba would have done it.

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