Do Ya Think We Oughta Oughta?


I guess there are few people outside my family who know what Ottabin hair is.

My dad came home one night from work when I was pretty young. "Hey, did you do something to your hair?"


"You look like you have Ottabin hair today!"


"Ottabin! Oughta been on a dog's butt!"

Stuff like that is funny in my family.

I also like puns. My friend Jackson and I spent a whole night looking around his room and trying to be "punny." No really. A whole night. Yes, we were sober!

The other night, I found out Jacque likes to be punny, too. She was making me lasagne for dinner.

"Should I put oregano or parsley on the garlic bread?" She asked.

"Definitely oregano."

"Oregano will!"

You know. She made it sound like "I reckon I will!"

I know. Sometimes I think my friends and I will laugh at anything!

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