So Spare Me the Details, If You Don't Mind

Casey and Raw

For some reason, Casey has the idea that he would be a good waiter.

Raw and Casey went to the Chalet with me for Angela's birthday party and was explaining to us he'd be like the waitress who was serving us. Raw and I agreed. Because she sucked.

Maybe I should give her some slack. She was serving a lot of people. But I was irritated with her for several reasons.

The number one reason was that she charged the wrong tab to my card. Which might not be such a big deal if the other person's tab wasn't over a hundred bucks!

I was also irritated because she was one of those servers that is all up in your crack every two seconds and then when you really need her, she's nowhere to be found.

Casey tried to defend her by pointing out her attention to detail. "I took the lemon out of my water so when she brought me another one, she didn't put lemon in it."

"Yeah. I'll give her that," I conceded. "I took the straw out of my water and she never brought me another straw the rest of the night."

The thing is, it would have been nice to have a straw for my Black Russians. The vodka is all on top and I like to use the straw to stir.

And the whole reason I took my straw out of my water was because the tip had a bunch of sticky goo on it. Like someone had already used it after eating a Tootsie Pop.

What was that about attention to detail?

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