Lists: Day Eighteen


Sophia and Sadie were baptized on Saturday. We were all a little nervous for several reasons.

1. We were going to Mass first.
Not that Mass is bad or anything. But have you ever been to Mass with four children aged two and under? Raw only had to leave once with Sadie. And Ryan left once with LexiMo. Once, because they never came back. And Sophia only slammed her head into the back of the pew twice. And she only broke out into a full-out drama queen wail once.
All in all, not so bad!

2. Sophia is a parrot.
Sometimes, nobody knows where she picks up words. But one word that she really seemed to enjoy for awhile was "evil."
Now that wouldn't be so bad. Except she says it in a really evil voice. And with crazy eyes. So it makes you think maybe she's possessed.
We were all pretty sure she would break out in an "evil" fit when the priest poured the holy water on her head.
Apparently, she only said it once during Mass.

3. The children were all wearing white.
Bright, shiny white. Have you ever tried to keep a baby who is just learning to crawl off the floor? Not so easy.

4. How screaming would there be during the actual baptism.
It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The priest anointed each child's chest, first. They all seemed pretty cool with it. Oh except for Sophia. She was last and tried to twist her way right out of Casey's arms to get away.
I held Sadie during the part with the holy water. I leaned her back and when the priest started pouring water on her head, she gave me a funny look. "What's the deal? A bath? But I have my clothes on!"
Then she realized the water was cold. Then she started crying.
And Sophia? Well . . . Sophia pretty much didn't like any of the baptism. She complained--loudly--any time the priest approached her.
I leaned over to whisper in Raw's ear. "As long as she doesn't start sizzling, we have nothing to worry about."


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