Lists: Day Fifteen

Raw and Casey

I was reminded of this story the other night and couldn't quite remember all the details.

Back in the days before children; back before we all had mobile phones, I visited Raw and Casey in Lawrence.

We were all three hanging out at their apartment when Raw and I decided to go somewhere to do something. We weren't twenty-one yet, so there weren't a lot of options. I can't remember where we went but that's not really important.

What's important is knowing that Casey didn't come with us. For some reason, Raw wasn't going to take her key. I can't remember why she wouldn't bring a key or why Casey wouldn't come. But I do remember him making one important promise:

"You go. I'll be here when you get back."

When Raw and I came back to a locked door and no response to knocking, we did several things.

1. Cursed Casey.
2. Pounded on the door.
3. Shouted
4. Figured Casey was asleep in the bedroom.
5. Stood on the stoop and pondered what to do.
6. Cursed Casey.
7. Stood outside the bedroom window and yelled.
8. Apologized to the people on the first floor.
9. Found a broom and started pounding on Casey's window.
10. Cursed Casey as it started raining.
11. Walked ten miles uphill in the pouring rain to where The Croc was parked.
12. Drove around for awhile, trying to decide what to do.
13. Drove to Gumby's and asked Nate if we could use the phone.
14. Called and let the phone ring. I'm pretty sure this is where I snapped.
15. Cursed Casey.
16. Called again and let the phone ring until it cut me off.
17. Scored a free pizza.
18. Called and let the phone ring until Casey answered.
19. Cursed loudly into Casey's ear.
20. Drove home and cursed loudly into Casey's face.

Like I said, I can't remember the full details. I'm sure there was more cursing.

Anything to add, Raw?

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