Lists: Day Seventeen

More Rain

Why was today a crappy St. Pat's?

1. I went back to work.

2. I had to work hard!
Can't expect anyone to go easy on me!

3. It was really dark when I woke up.

4. It was also lightning.
Someone put the fear into me at a young age, so I'm always afraid to take a shower when there's lightning.

5. I took my shower last-second.
Even more last-second than usual!

6. Everyone was driving around.

7. Everyone was driving at two miles per hour.

8. I hit every stop light.
Now you know why it's my dream to work from home. The stress-relief will work wonders!

9. Everyone else at work got their hair did last week, too.

10. I found out I should have celebrated a couple of days ago.
Not that I celebrated. Unless you count stopping by Target celebrating.

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