Lists: Day Sixteen

Working Hard

Today, I did nothing.

It's my last day of vacation. I have to go back to work tomorrow. I deserve a day of nothing.

I ran out of nothing to do, so I took a bath. A bath with a ton of bubbles. And for some reason it reminded me of when I was a kid.

When I would take baths as a kid, I loved it when there were so many bubbles that, when the tub would drain, the bubbles would come out the overflow hole.

And then I got to thinking about how I really like weird things.

1. I really like to sort paper clips.
When I worked in a banking center and it was slow, I would weed out all the big silver paper clips from the others. Because those were the ones I liked best.

2. I like to draw stick figures.
On everything.

3. I love to look for little things that fall on the floor.
About once a month, my mom would drop the back of her earring on the bathroom floor. She would holler for me and I would come in and find it.

4. I love looking at color combinations.
Maybe I should blame this one on my mom, too. That dang color wheel! We'll blame the continuation of obsessiveness on ColourLovers.

5. I love to peel things.
Labels off of bottles, bar coasters, oranges . . . if it's peelable, I'll totally drive you nuts with my absent-minded peeling!

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