Lists: Day Three

Do Not Hump

Yes, I did just post this picture the other day.

I've decided to post it again because I'm not sure you recognized the full awesomeness.

*It looks like a patched-up toy.
*Like a patched-up Easter toy!
*It's really a fuselage.
*I saw this while sitting at a railroad crossing. Wichita is the Air Capital of the World.
*I had Michael in mind when I took this photo.
*This is a plane on a train. Which not only rhymes, but when you factor in my sitting in a car waiting for the plane on the train to pass, you get a great movie title.
*If you look in the bottom corner on your left, you'll see the words "Do Not Hump." Which is funny. I mean . . . who wants to hump a plane on a train?

1 comment:

Michael said...

All I saw was "Do Not Hump." YES!!!!