Lists: Day Twenty Five

Sophia and the Angels

I was talking to Michael tonight and we discussed a variety of things, as usual.

"Hey! You know some Catholic people! Are the Catholics doing away with purgatory?"

First, I laughed. I'm not sure why. It just struck me as funny. Second, I responded. "I don't know. I'll check. But I just can't imagine. I mean what about all the people already in purgatory?"

"That was my first question!"

A quick Wikipedia search seemed to indicate that purgatory was still going strong. We had many other things to discuss an email I had received.

It was one of those forwards that makes its way around the world and back to each person at least three times. It had an angel in it that was bestowing blessings, but at the end, the email threatened harm to me if I didn't forward the mail.

"I think every email I get like that has an angel in it. What did the angels do before email?"

We brainstormed for awhile and came up with several things.

1. Executed God's will.
2. Announced births and other events.
3. Played trumpets.
4. Made food cake.
5. Smited.
6. Annhiliated.
7. Danced on the head of a pin.
8. Fell from Heaven.
9. Played baseball in Southern California.
10. Got fruit spread in Philly. Or Philly in fruit spread. I'm not sure which.
11. Acted as eyes of God.
12. Rode Motorcycles.
13. Wrassled.
14. Worked for Charlie.
15. Fought wars.
16. Debated whether or not to get rid of purgatory.
16. Acted as guardians.
17. Inspired Tony Award Winning plays that were made into television mini-series.
18. Made Easy Cheesy Chili Dip.
19. Guarded the gates of heaven.
20. Made hair pasta.

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