Lists: Day Twenty Seven


I thought I might be kind of relieved, but I was wrong.

I'm not moving to New York. The opportunity I mentioned before didn't pan out, so I don't have to pack up my tons of crap and take it halfway across the country. So I should be glad. That would be a lot of packing.

But I'm pretty bummed. I always knew it was a long shot, but I really had myself talked into it. I knew I'd miss my family and friends, but it's not like it's 1852 and I'd only send messages via Pony Express. And I was crazy excited about the opportunity.

I always imagined I'd live in New York and now I finally had a reason to go!

Anyway. I'm bummed. But there's a lot of people who are really happy.

1. My parents.
They weren't too keen on me being so far away.

2. My brother.
How can I fix his computer from so far away?

3. My friends.
Who would spoil their children and provide them with great entertainment?

4. My co-workers.
Who would answer all their questions?
5. The executives at Target.
Who would buy all their stuff? There are no Targets on the island.

The poomongers weren't worried. They know I'll send presents from anywhere.

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