Letters: Day Nine


Dear HGTV,

Tonight, Jacque and I watched Haulin' House. In this particular episode, a woman found her perfect house and decided it was in perfectly the wrong place.

So she decided to move the hundred year old house from a historic neighborhood to her farm. A two-story Victorian home. After she tore off the porch and the chimney. She ripped it from the foundation and drove it seven miles to the farm.

I was surprisingly angry at this lady. Why go to all the expense and trouble? Of course there were all these obstacles, like a steep hill and a ride over gravel roads and a pasture. If you really loved the house that much, why would you risk it?

After about twenty minutes, Jacque and I realized we were incredibly bored. But I was so angry I couldn't stop watching.

Somehow, the house made it all the way to the pasture. But the ground was too soft and the house couldn't be dragged all the way to its final destination. So the moving team decided to leave the house overnight and hope for more solid ground the next day.


We saw the credits rolling and Jacque and I, in unison, screeched "What???"

After all that anger and boredom, we didn't even get to see the house put where that stupid lady decided it belonged?

"That's bullshit!"

Aunt Bee

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