Letters: Day Nineteen

Evan and Jacque

Dear Jacque,

So you know how normally I come over on Wednesdays? I get off work, and my car just kinda heads over there.

Well, I totally forgot your in-laws are there this week.

And it's not that I don't like them or anything. It's just that they get to see Evan like twice a year. So I don't want to horn in on that time. Plus, you weren't expecting me.

As I got close to your house, I saw a strange car in the drive and thought "Hmm. Who's there?"

And then I remembered that I'm an idiot. I could have kept on driving. Or took a chance and stopped by. But you know I'm retarded. I guess I just wanted to explain myself in case you saw me.

But I'm really hoping you didn't see me pull a frantic U-turn a block from your house.

Aunt Bee

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