Letters: Day One


Dear WalMart,

Do you see that face? That is exactly the expression that my face falls into immediately upon pulling into your parking lot. I should know better, but I keep thinking I should just give you one more chance. We used to have a decent relationship. Maybe we could patch things up a bit.

Yet again, you prove to me why my skin crawls just thinking about even looking upon you.

There are major improvements to be done in your parking lot. One, you should widen the road at your entrance. There is always someone dropping their shopping partner off at the door. Which wouldn't be so bad if they weren't blocking traffic both ways.

And what's the deal with the doorways? You've got them all blocked up so there's a very narrow space for people to cram through to get in or out and I'm sorry but I don't really like being crammed with people I know, let alone strangers.

I'm also hoping you could educate your customers on courtesy.

When people come in sight of you, it's like they lose all sense of humanity. They turn into animals and pay no attention to what's happening around them. They run their kids into poles and other people. They come to a dead stop right in front of you, even when they know you're coming down the crowded aisle behind them because they totally cut you off and nearly made you ram your cart into some poor little old lady.

And then there's the lady. THE lady.

Yes, I was being slow. But I was trying to be thoughtful in my purchase. I made sure to hug the shelves as close as I could so there would be plenty of room for people to come by. Because I'm nice like that.

But THE lady pulls around me and instead of parking her cart near a shelf, she parks it crooked right in the middle of the aisle so not only can I not move forward, neither can the lady on the other side of THE lady. It was really quite lovely.

And can you please please PLEASE invest in a few more cart cages for the parking lot? Do you see how many carts are strewn all over the lot?

I want to work this out. I really do. The ball is in your court.

Aunt Bee

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