Letters: Day Seventeen

Across the Street

Dear Target,

I cheated on you today.

It's not the first time I've shopped somewhere else. I'll stop by other stores now and then. But today was the first day I shopped somewhere else and got giddy.

The Dillon's at Central and Rock was giganticized awhile back and is now called "Dillon's Marketplace." I had heard it was cool, but had never managed to take a look. You were always right there for my needs. Why should I go anywhere else?

Today, at work, Jill was going on and on about how awesome Marketplace was. She told me about the cheese bar and the olive bar.

An olive bar! How could I have resisted for so long???

So I went there today, fully expecting to be underwhelmed. But then I saw them. Amy's Organic Indian Samosa Wraps. I have been looking for these for like a year. Every time I fill out one of your surveys, I ask you to please carry these. And yet I never saw them until today. At a Dillon's!

I felt joy like I've never felt at a Dillon's before. I realized it was the same sensation I have while shopping within your beautiful walls. And then I felt guilty.

But they had baba ghanoush! Are you kidding me??? Baba freakin' ghanoush!

Aunt Bee

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