Letters: Day Six


Dear Dude in the Car Beside Us at Central & Rock on March 29,

I think maybe you should check your surroundings before you do stuff. Stuff like picking your nose.

I'm not even sure that can be called picking. You were seriously digging there, dude!

I have to admit, I didn't notice you until Casey said something. "Get a good one!"

I turned and saw your finger two-thirds of the way up your nose. Raw looked, too and we all started laughing. You dug and dug and you finally pulled something out while we pointed and laughed.

As you studied your treasure, we were yelling "Eat it! Eat it!!!"

Instead, you started digging again. We were fully turned in our seats. I couldn't breathe, I was laughing so hard. And you never noticed.

I wanted to thank you for the entertainment. But I really wanted to thank your wife for stopping you, because I'm pretty sure I was about to die from laughter!

Aunt Bee

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