Letters: Day Thirteen


Dear Everyone,

Another reason I might not answer my phone when you call is that I don't answer my phone unless I know the number. I know that's annoying but usually if I don't have your number in my phone, you're a telemarketer.

In December, I got a new phone. Usually this is when I have the chance to delete old contacts. But this time, the guy copied the numbers for me. He was being helpful, but it screwed up my deleting method. I had to come up with something new.

On Christmas Day, I sent a text message to everyone on my list. I deleted anyone who sent back a text asking "Who is this?"

I figured if we're not good enough pals for me to be on their list, we probably won't be contacting each other again.

Just another jackass move on my part. Although, it seems like maybe you're the bigger jackass for not keeping me in your contact list as long as I kept you.

But feel free to leave a message!

Aunt Bee

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

well Im glad you know my number i am faded on my own thank you very god damn much is that a god damn im faded thank you for staying in touch with me im exstatic get wasted shit facested pasted plastered get fucked up i cant keep ramblin like im retarded who farted stick your thumb to your head pantera is yummy to your tummy