Letters: Day Thirty!!!


Dear Readers,

I was chatting with Doug the other day and he asked me some questions about this place.

"What do you spend, like an hour on it every night?"

I laughed. I think it's pretty obvious that I don't.

In fact, my letters this month have gotten shorter and more vague every day. I think after sixty days of posting, I'm getting burned out. I'm up against a bit of a wall.

So I think I'm going to skip out on next month's round of NaBloPoMo. The theme for next month is "Voices" and I just don't think I have enough voices in my head.

I'm not taking a total vacation. I'll still be posting. Just don't expect something every day. It's too hard and I'm too lazy!

Aunt Bee

P.S. How about that Doug? Is that an awesome sprinkler or what? Okay, so his right arm could use some more elevation . . .


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