Letters: Day Twenty Four


Dear Joel,

Thank you for putting up with us Saturday night. I know we can be a little crazy.

You were so kind to answer our questions about your upcoming wedding. And I'm sorry if Casey scared you when you told us that you had a fear of planes. It probably didn't help to hear him talk about how when you get over the ocean, all you see is blue.

I'm sorry we made monkey noises. But I'm really sorry about the way one of us, who shall remain nameless, let one rip and blew up a barstool.

Okay, so the barstool wasn't blown up. But I wasn't able to tell that because my face was in my hands and I couldn't breathe from laughing.

Really, I appreciate it. We had a very good time. I hope it wasn't too terrible for you.

You're our number one!

Aunt Bee

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