I Want to Ride It Where I Like

Center of Attention

Dear Bicycle Riders of Wichita,

Yes, I understand that gas is very expensive right now and there will be even more of you on the streets. I would be riding a bicycle to work if I didn't live eight hundred miles from work. Yes, this is another issue . . . but I'm off topic.

I understand that you are operating a vehicle and have all rights to the road. I do understand. And I support that and always give you a ton of room.

But wouldn't it be easier to either avoid the really busy streets or just hop up on the sidewalk? There's nobody walking on the sidewalk anyway.

But, you know, if you want the street. That's cool. But you should really probably go ahead and follow the rules. If we have a red light, you have a red light.

Unless you want to end up like Michael. Or worse!

Oh and that picture up there? That doesn't have anything to do with you bicycle riders. That's my old boss. I heard she was dropping by today.

She is an angel and would always follow the rules!

Aunt Bee

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