Iron Man

I wanted to give this one a five, but something kept bothering me. I'm not sure what exactly.

I loved Robert Downey, Jr. But that's no surprise. I've always been in love with him.

The Dude was awesome as a bald dude with a beard. And I didn't even totally hate Gwyneth Paltrow like I normally do.

Maybe it was the predictability. I knew who the mastermind bad guy was going to be as soon as that person's face hit the screen. I knew pretty much nothing about Iron Man going into it, so I would think it should have been a little more difficult to figure out.

There was also Terrence Howard. Ugh. And okay so there were a few parts where I was really annoyed with Paltrow. Most of the dialogue was witty and quick. But there's some parts where she really drags. There's a scene on a balcony that I just kept praying would end soon.

And then there's the big climactic fight. It just didn't feel all that big and great to me. There were other parts of the film that had me more nervous and excited.

And then there's the part at the end of the credits. Really? That guy? Does he have to be in everything?

I know, I'm making it sound like I didn't like this movie. I did. I really did. It was funny and it was breathtaking.

And Downey is not only brilliant, he's way hot!

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