Voices: Day Thirty

I've seen CAKE live a few times. I think John McCrea's voice is very unique. Much like CAKE's music.

At one show, they were playing Sheep Go to Heaven, a song I always interpreted as being about how much cooler it is to not be a sheep. How you're being mislead and boxed-in by following everyone else.

And yet, as they played the song, they repeated the chorus about six billion times and made everyone sing along.

"SHEEP GO TO HEAVEN! GOATS GO TO HELL!" Everyone chanted over and over.

I stood there a bit perplexed, and annoyed. I was ready for the song to be over, and yet it continued. Did that make everyone a bunch of sheep, since most everyone was chanting? Were they making fun of us?

I'm going to bet they were playing a good joke. It's not like the crowd was that cool. They had to stop in the middle of "I Will Survive" to tell the crowd to quit moshing.

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