Faces Look Ugly

Rally Cap

I have a little trouble with road rage.

I guess not so much rage. But a lot of mouthiness.

So when the Honda behind me in Kansas City was all on top of my bumper, I was cranky. I may have said something to my rear view mirror. Like maybe "GET OFF MY ASS!" or something.

I think Marcus rolled his eyes. I'm pretty sure T-Biscuit prayed in the backseat.

When I was finally able to merge into the other lane, the Honda sped up to get around me. I looked over. I was maybe going to give the driver a dirty look.

Instead, I gave the driver a look of shock. The guy had horns!

I looked over at Marcus. "What the hell was that?"

I think maybe he had a camera in his car to record people's reactions. I'm sure my face looked like these drivers:

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