It Began in a Moment


One of my pet peeves is when people call me while they're sitting on the pot.

Some people know this and truly enjoy calling me from that location just to annoy me. (ahem) "Guess where I am?"

Unfortunately, my brother is one of these people. He also has the uncanny ability to call me whenever I'm in the bathroom. When he called last night, I was just walking back into my living room. I picked up the phone on its last ring.

I tried to call him back immediately and the phone went through to voicemail. Assuming his phone may have not yet disconnected, I tried again. Still no answer.

I wondered what the dizzle was. Maybe Jackson had been playing with the phone and accidentally called me?

The mystery was solved when I talked with Marcus this afternoon.

"Yeah, so I was trying to call you while I was peeing and the phone kinda slipped. It fell into the potty water."

Maybe that'll learn him a lesson!

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