This Is My Choice, This Is My Voice


Tomorrow, Raw and I are going to the Wichita Gay Pride and Festival. Some people seem to be very adverse to this.

"Why are you going to that?"

It's something different and sure to be fabulous! And we'll use any excuse to hang out together.

I think some people are afraid that this is my way of "coming out."

Calm down, boys and girls. I'm totally attracted to boys. You know, like a gay guy without the . . . package.

Doll found that out today while we were watching previews before the movie. A preview came on for the film Death Race.

It started out with Joan Allen, and I got interested. I like her as an actress, especially in The Contender.

And then I saw Jason Statham.

I sat up straight and shot a look over to Doll. She just nodded her head as if to say "Yeah I see him. Cool it, hornball."

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