Poop Week!

Big Boy Shower

Evan's pretty good at the whole being potty-trained thing. He's just not so good at the going by himself.

So last weekend, when he announced that he needed to potty and didn't beg anyone to accompany him, Chris and Jacque were relieved. He returned, pantsless, which isn't unusual.

As Jacque repeatedly asked him to put his pants on, Evan ignored her and played with his toys. He sat there and played with this. He sat here and played with that.

And then Jacque realized Evan is not so good at the wiping thing.

Jacque grabbed Evan and took him to the bathroom to clean him up. She followed a poop trail all the way there.

As Jacque and Chris cleaned scrubbed the floor, Evan walked around pointing out spots they hadn't gotten to yet. "Poop! EW! Poop!"

When they finally finished scrubbing, Chris and Jacque went back to the living room to try to get in a bit of relaxation. Evan came in and did what he does. He was noisy and played with all his toys in as destructive ways as possible.

When he got to his tool set, he grabbed his hammer and started hitting Jacque in the foot with it. "Ew! Momma sock! Take off! Stinky!"

Nobody realized Evan had sat on his hammer.

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