Poop Week!


Michael knows this guy through a friend.

"He poops his pants on a daily basis."


"He poops his pants every day."

" . . . So like he has some sort of control problem?"

"Nope. This guy seems totally normal. He's not dirty or anything. He seems intelligent. He just poops his pants every day."

"So he's at like work and is all 'Oh sorry, boss! Pooped my pants again. I'll be back after I change?'"

"No. I guess he works in his garden and doesn't feel like going back inside. So he just poops his pants."

"Why would you tell someone? I don't think if I even accidentally pooped my pants, I would tell anyone!"

"I know! How does that even enter the conversation?"

"Right! 'Yeah, the restaurant was great. Oh and hey--I poop my pants every day."

"Haha! 'Hey, there's something I've been meaning to tell you! I poop my pants every day!'"



"Why doesn't at least pull his pants down???"

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Anonymous said...

will you please leave a more pleasant picture to look at during your absence. Thank you.