You Were on Fire


I'm such a nerd.

I am so excited about the debate tonight. I want people to laugh at McCain and his ridiculous behavior lately.

But I'm more excited about the Biden/Palin debate. I do suspect this whole suspension of the campaign and possible cancellation of tonight's debate was partially a ploy to avoid putting Palin in that position.

Okay, people. Calm down. I know that you think you like her.

But have you seen Sarah Palin speak? sure, she can rile up a crowd if she has a teleprompter and someone to write her speech. But if she has to think while talking?

HAHA! What was that?

I'm starting to think I could be a vice presidential candidate. I have experience with international relations! I run this website and people from other countries read it! Hell, I might even have intergalactic experience!

Seriously, kids. Let's all gather around. Take a deep breath. Clear your minds.

Yes. She's pretty. And I understand she seems cool to you with those rad glasses. Those are the reasons you vote for a class president in high school. The biggest responsibilities they have are planning dances and the first reunion.

Palin would be a not-so-unlikely heart failure away from being PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!

Did you learn nothing from that guy you thought you could have a beer with?

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