And Feel the Changes Already Beginning


Thursday was a big day for Jacque. She registered to vote for the first time.

Jacque hadn't registered earlier because she didn't want to be called to jury duty. This election has become the most important choice our generation has ever been asked to vote for, so Jacque is willing to take the risk.

I am really proud of her because I think voting is important. Even if you're not "into" politics, you should vote.

I feel it's especially important for minorities and women to vote. People my age tend to forget, because we weren't a part of it, but people had to struggle to give us the right to vote. We can't take that for granted. When I vote, I'm paying tribute to Susan B. Anthony, Alice Paul, Lucy Stone and all the other men and women who fought so that I could sign my name to that registration card.

I'm proud because of the example she's setting for Evan. She's showing him that she cares about his future. She's giving him a sense of civic duty. He should eat his dinner because there are starving kids in Africa. He should vote because those same people are dying to have the same choice.

Voting is the centerpiece of a democracy. Your vote is important. It's frustrating in Kansas, because my liberal votes are most always quashed by the huge amount of conservative votes. But that doesn't mean I should give up. My vote is telling my government that I'm interested. I care. I have a voice.

Now it's your turn. Use your voice.

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