Cracking Jokes and Drinking Liquor

The Boys

This weekend, I headed up north to go to the OU vs KSU football game.

It was a great day. Not just because OU won, but because I had a good time with my family.

Doug and Kathy came up, of course. But we were all surprised to see my cousins Jill and Jeremy show up.

"So what's up?" Jill asked me. "I haven't seen you in a long time!"

"Yeah, this is about the time of year when we'll actually see each other." We all live in Kansas, but for some reason, we never hang out except at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

But just like with everyone else I'd like to hang out with, it's hard to sync up. Everyone's really busy!

I really would like to hang out with Jill and Jeremy more often, though. They make me laugh more than just about anyone else in the world. We seem to really understand each other. I guess it's a family thing.

Which is why I wish they were at the Country Club later that night. I think only our family would understand what was happening when Kathy handed David a birthday card and BJ intercepted.

BJ asked for a pen and those of us paying attention started laughing. We knew just what he was doing. Instead of buying David a card, BJ was just going to sign his name to Doug and Kathy's.

Soon the card made its way around the table. Someone even threw in a dollar bill.

It was probably the greatest birthday card David ever received.

Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

You are an OU fan? You may not know Opie but you do know good football. I grew up in OKC and lived in Norman for a few years.

Anonymous said...

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