Choice in the Matter

Teddy P Porno

Here's the thing . . .

I have enough quilts and blankets and throws to keep my whole family toasty at Thanksgiving. I'm not even kidding.

My Granny quilted and I've inherited several of her quilts. My grandparents' neighbor made one for me a few years ago. I have a quilt I bought online because I thought it was gorgeous.

I have comforters I've collected over the years. The one I left home with, a terribly over-used Pooh and the Ralph Lauren with the giant rip. Oh and a few more.

And then there's the throws and various other blankets I've piled into my closet. What's worse, I don't really get cold and never even really use them!

So what in the world could I have been thinking when I looked through that catalog at Jacque's? Why would I see a comforter and think "I need that right now!!!"

Because I'm insane and don't have enough stuff crammed into this place. That's why.

So now you have to help me out. Which color? I'm really leaning toward the darker. In fact, I'm almost certain. But I also need you to talk me out of this. I don't really need it! Help!

Option Danielle

Option Queen Anne


Anonymous said...

I think you should not get either and save your money in the ground. Because Obama is coming to get it.

Anonymous said...

Queen Anne, definitely.

Found you through Glue Flocks. Gonna follow you on twitter too.

er... too stalkerish?? ;-)

AuntBee said...

As long as I don't find you outside digging through my trash, holding a hair doll . . . Not too stalkerish:)