Just Let Me Pull Myself Together

MarcusWhenever our family gets together, someone always slobs food onto their shirt.

Usually, it's more than one of us. Marcus was pretty awesome a few years ago and managed to do it on his first bite! You'd think we'd learn to all wear bibs.

Jill, Sharon and I were discussing who would be the first to ruin their shirt this year. Sharon had no hesitation in nominating someone. And even though Jill and I offered up other suggestions, there was no changing Sharon's mind. She was absolutely positive this person would be the first to slob.

I ate downstairs at the almost-kids' table and we all managed to keep our food where it belonged. I asked around later and nobody could remember anyone being sloppy.

Could it be true? Would we all walk out of that house without a stain on anyone's shirt? Was the world ending?

When I finally ran into Sharon again, she let me know all was right with the world. "I was wrong! It was me! I was the first to slob!"

Slob Award

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