Winding Yourself Up until You're Turning Blue

Butterfly Kisses

I think I might have some issues. I've been having angry dreams. Like the one I had the other night . . .

I dreamed I was in my car and pulling up to the stoplight at Rock & Douglas. The car ahead of me was a little convertible and it suddenly pulled some moves that almost caused me to run into it. Because I'm such a good driver, I was able to save us both from a wreck. Then I noticed she was on her mobile phone and putting on make-up.

For some reason, this made me so angry that I put my car in park and and jumped out of my car. I stalked up to the her car and reached into the driver's lap. I grabbed her bag full of make-up and dumped it on the ground.

"Maybe you'll find it easier to drive, now!"

The driver was a woman from work that I don't really know at all. She was shocked. She didn't move for a moment and I stalked back to my car.

Finally realizing what had happened, the lady ran after me. "What's wrong with you?" she shrieked. "I'm calling the cops!"

She continued to follow me and finally caught up and beat on my window for awhile. The light turned green and I drove away.

Apparently, I was on my way to visit Raw and her family. Except in my dream, they lived in a big old house from my hometown. I rang the doorbell and Raw came out with her mom.

I knew I was in trouble. Usually, they yell at me for not just walking in and now they won't even let me in?

Well, it turns out that the driver of the convertible wasn't a lady from work at all. It was actually Raw's sister, Jennifer.

"So what? I'm in trouble, now?"

And then Tom came out. He crossed his arms and stared at me. That's his baby girl. It wasn't going to matter that she had irresponsible driving habits. It wouldn't mean a thing to him how practically like family I am. I meant nothing to Tom now.

And even though I knew my behavior was inexcusably irrational, even though I knew all of this could jeopardize any future relationship with my goddaughters, I couldn't stop myself.

I don't remember what I said. I don't think it was horrible. But it was loud and incredibly defensive, when really I just should have said "Sorry."

I woke up as I was walking away in my dream. "What the hell was that?"

No really! It's totally unrealistic! None of that would ever happen!

Jennifer doesn't even drive a convertible!

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