Got a Ride That´s Smoother Than a Limousine


Yes. Yes I drove off the road. I'm totally awesome like that.

But everyone seems to have these crazy ideas that I was tearing through the park, trying to steer clear of swingsets and little children.

Okay. So I had similar ideas. I thought I had been driving off the road for a long time. But when I went back last night to look, this is what I found.

Yep. Those tracks, there. You can barely see them, but you can see they're ridiculous.

Really, if you think about it, it's pretty brilliant driving. If you forget the fact that it was off the road. No swerving, no crazy braking; it's just a nice smooth in and out!

As I looked at them, all I could think about was all the people who drove by and wondered what the hell that person was doing . . .

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