McDonald's is the Place to Rock


Last night, Evan and I hung out while Chris and Jacque went to a Christmas Party. We had a really good night, due to my excellent bargaining skills.

"Where's my toy?"
"You can have your toy when you're done with your dinner."

"You ready to hear the plan?"
"We'll put on jammies and then we can watch a movie!"

"Okay! You ready to watch a movie?"
"Let's clean up these movies on the floor and you can pick which one you want to watch!"

I didn't think it was going to go so well at first.

After Chris and Jacque left, I asked Evan what he wanted for dinner. "Do you want tacos?"

"Yeah I want tacos!"

" . . . a cheeseburger?"

"Yeah! Cheeseburger!

" . . . chicken?"

"No. Cheeseburger!"

So we found his shoes. "Okay, now I'm going to go to the bathroom. When I get back, we'll put on your coat and go. Okay?"


I spent about two minutes in the bathroom and came out to hear Evan screaming and crying. I hurried down the hallway and saw the front door was wide open.

Everything turned to slow motion and the thoughts ran through my head. Oh God, they haven't been gone five minutes and I already lost their kid! Some crazy axe murderer is snatching him away. There's a rabid beast gnawing on his leg!

Luckily, none of this was true. The kid was out there bent over a chair with his head in his hands. "Evan! What are you doing out here? What happened?"

"Nuggets!" He wailed. "I want nuggets!"

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