Here Come the Rooster

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This morning, I was flipping through channels and ended up on Moving Up.

I don't watch the show regularly but enjoy it when I happen to catch it. The premise is such:

Family A is moving up in the world and upgrading their home. They bought from Family B. Family B is also moving up and bought their house from Family C.
The families move in. They remodel everything. Family B comes back to see what Family A has done to the home. Family C comes back to take a look at how different their old home looks, thanks to Family B.
The cameras film everything.

It doesn't sound so exciting when I explain it, but I enjoy it for a couple of different reasons: 1. The claws are always out.

It seems like the people always have completely different tastes. You'd think that people would be happy about moving up and to the homes of their dreams. You'd think they'd understand that this house is no longer theirs and what the new owner does is fine. Especially since they're doing the same thing to their new home.

You'd think wrong! There is shock and lots of horror. Usually some tears. A ton of nasty comments.

2. Doug Wilson

The host of the show has interesting comments of his own.

Today, Doug was with Family A in their new kitchen before Family B moved out. The kitchen was full of ceramic roosters.

"I don't know what it is about cocks," Doug said. "But the lady of the house seems to love them!

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