Be Patient with Those Who Supply It


Oh wow. My little baby. My tiny little quiet guy. He was just this curly-haired little teddy bear and now he's legally a man.

And today, I get to watch that man get dressed in a silly robe and hat and cross a stage to receive his high school diploma.

Oh Bret, I wish I was a wiser person. I wish I could give you all he knowledge you need to go out in this world.

I want you to be happy. And safe. I want you to know love and success and hope. You don't have to be the best or wealthy. But be somebody. Do something.

Find what you want and work for it. Fight for it. Don't expect things to just happen. Trust me, I know that school can suck. There's always another page to read, another paper to write. But it's not all bad. There's teachers and classes and that moment of "Yes! I get it!" that makes it worth it.

And if you know what you want, and more school is the only way to get there, it's the best thing you can do for yourself.

I know you're thinking "What does she know?" Maybe Patton Oswalt said it better:

You have been given a harsh gift. It’s the same gift the graduating class of 1917, and 1938, and 1968 and now you guys got – the chance to enter adulthood when the world teeters on the rim of the sphincter of oblivion. You’re jumping into the deep end. You have no choice but to be exceptional.
I'm excited to see where your life takes you. Don't forget I'm always along for the ride!

Congratulations, Bret!

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Fraser said...

Great advice. I didn't believe this to be the case 10 years ago but now I would agree that you.

Find what you want and work for it.

Great advice for anyone.