Momma Don't Go


This year, my mother is retiring after thir several years of teaching art.

She is taking it quite well. If I were her, the whole year would be ridiculous. I would be wailing about it being my last year and then my last first quarter and then my last semester and my last Christmas break and on and on. But that's me. She is very unsentimental about the whole thing.

"Mom! It's your last two weeks!"

"I know."

"Aren't you sad? It's your last two weeks of teaching ever!"

"You know, you seem to be much more worried about this than I am."

"You've been teaching my whole life! What am I supposed to tell people that you do?"

"You'll just say I'm a retired art teacher."

"No. I'll just say you're lazy!"

Happy Mothers' Day, Lazy!

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