And the World Just Can't Understand You


When The Boy turned two, I shoved a bunch of presents into a bag with a pirate on the front.

He pointed at the pirate and gave me the "Eh?" that means "What's that?"

"That's a pirate," I told him. "A pirate says 'Arrrr!'"

Of course, he thought this was great fun and for the tree days until his birthday finally arrived, he pointed at the bag and said "Arrr!"

For some reason, this one has really stuck with him. When we play sound guessing games, the pirate always comes up. Of course, since some of his sounds are the same, I often guess incorrectly.



"Nuh!" And he'll shake his head vigorously. "ARRRR!"

"Oh! Pirate!"

Last week, Mom took The Boy to the store to visit Dad. Little Sir was running all around the way he does. People walked in and he took little notice. People laughed at him, tried to talk to him, but he had no time for them.

A bikery kind of guy walked in with a do-rag on his head. The Boy stopped in his tracks and pointed at the man.


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